What Size Potjie

What size Potjie do you need

What size Potjie do I need?

Use 10/14 ounces of meat per person.  If you are going to use a No.3 Potjie (6 persons), you multiply 6 x 10ounce = ±3.75 pounds and round to 4 pounds of meat.  If you use a No.8 Potjie, for 15 persons, you multiply 15 x 10grams = approx. 9.375 pounds rounded to 9.5 pounds of meat.  In other words, you determine the amount of meat by multiplying the total number of guests (without Side Dishes) by 10/14 ounces of meat. This formula will ensure that all your guest will have more than enough to eat, with or without Side Dishes